This is the routine

  1. Give us some information about your material: e.g. type of lots, price in your opinion, weight and the approximate number of lots.

  2. If we like it – and we like anything with a total reserve over SEK 2000 with a possibility to be sold – you will get a message from us that you can send your lots.

  3. Send your lots in insured package or registered letter. Do not forget to tell us how you like to recieve the payment from us.

  4. You will receive confirmation that we have received your lots, with a list of preliminary descriptions and reserves.

  5. If you think our preliminary descriptions are faulty, or if you want to change something, we will be able to correct it before the catalogue is printed.

  6. We finalize the descriptions and set the reserves.

  7. We send an auction catalogue to you.

  8. After that you'll receive a message with reference to the auction catalogue for all your lots. This is done in our statement of accounts which includes all lots you currently have with us: both lots from the previous auction which are to be accounted for, and new lots that have been submitted for the upcoming auction.

  9. You will be able to view the results on our website about an hour after the end of the auction.

  10. Our commission is normally 20 %. Lower commission can be discussed for large holdings or very expensive lots.

  11. No other fees are added apart from postage for unsold return postage – if any.

  12. We'll send your money in about 5–6 weeks after the auction.

  13. Unsold lots may be sold in the post-auction sales at the reserve price.

  14. If lots remain unsold, we will automatically transfer these to the second next auction with a slightly lower reserve.

  15. You will get information about the new levels before the ny catalogue goes to print.

An alternative to selling at auctions is to sell the lots directly to us. You will probably get less paid than compared to what you could get in an auction, but on the positive side you get your money sooner.