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Data: Version 2012

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Stor Vermeil
PSD 2001 was awarded with
Large Vermeil at GOTHIA 2001
in Gothenburg!

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PSD Information

We are now in a position to present PSD 2003.2 – one of the most flexible and practical computer programs available for collectors and dealers. New for this version is that we developed the program towards all types of collectibles, not only stamps as before. Coins, post cards, postal history, antiques – all conceivable items are now easy to compute in PSD.

Flexibillity and user-friendliness are keywords. PSD can be used for any type of collection or stock, since the user has so many options while working with PSD.

This gives more possibilities than usual for CD catalogue programs. You can make your own records, you can remove records, you can change almost every data and you can do a lot of personal adjustments in order to make the computer work your way – not the other way around.

Some functions and other information:

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PSD will revolutionize the management of your collection and your printouts.

PSD Prices

Version 2003.2 CD Art.No USD price
incl VAT
Euro price
incl VAT
PC and Mac, English CD, incl manual in Word 100801 $70 42 €
Upgrade PSD 99.xx CD, incl manual in Word 100802 $37 20 €
Printed manual in English. About 50 pages 100805 $9 5 €

NB! Prices are inclusive of Swedish VAT for customers within the European Community without a VAT number.

Customers from outside the European Community are not charged the VAT of 25 % and the prices for those customers are therefore 80 % of the above prices.

News in version version 2003.2

This version will replace all earlier versions. We recommend all customers with version 99.xx to upgrade to 2003.2.

News in version 2003.2:

Nyheter om dataposter 2006/12 – fler länder finns nu komplett:

More countries are now complete: All Baltic states 1918 up to 2012, Czechoslovakia 1918 1992, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Ireland, Falkland Islands. Please call for prices.

Over 50 complete databases are now available!

Download a demo!

Try it out yourself. You will receive a 2,2 Mb file, fully equipped with the exception that you can not add or remove any records from the database. The database is a trial one containing a few records from different countries, using different catalogues and currencies.

Downloading the PSD demo. The file opens up by itself and places a small number of files on your hard disk. Click "Setup.exe", and follow the instructions. You will find PSD demo under your Start menu in Windows.

This version requires Windows 95/98/2000 or later, but has no large requirements on your processor. You need about 7 Mb of free hard disk space.

Data records from Mimir HB

PSD is originally sold completely empty without data records (A record represents a stamp or a set). Thus you may purchase the records that suits your need, be it a country, thematic area or a combination. We can customize the record selection according to your needs.

Some countries can be supplied completely or nearly completely. Each record contains 1-50 stamps. (Number of records mentioned below was computed in November 2006, prices approximated according to currency rates):

Ordinary = Without all known varieties, types and colours.
SPECIAL = With all known varieties, types and colours.

All records are version 2012. E.g.:

Many topics, most – but not all – are available. E.g.:

Please note, though, that data records exist from nearly all countries and thematic areas. Just give us a try!

It is easy to make new records in PSD by yourself, but it is nice to NOT have to register thousands of records from scratch; simply buy them instead.

If you, for instance, collect birds from all over the world and Sweden mint unhinged, you will be able to buy about 3600 + 2750 records (2006 – ther are more records today) from Mimir HB. They can easily be imported to PSD. These bird records do not represent all bird stamps in the world, but at least you do not have to register these records.

Records for the Scandinavian countries contain Facit catalogue numbers and Mimir sale prices.

Non-Scandinavian records do not contain any catalogue numbers – you may select the catalogue you want and easily type them yourself.

The prices in PSD are Mimir sale prices, but theese can easily be replaced with catalogue values.

All records will have no pictures when they are bought from AB Philea, but your own pictures can easily be imported.