Lot 2521

French colonies. ★/⊙. Further range of thousands of stamps mint and used, housed on a stack of album leaves from an old time collection, better countries include Reunion, St Pierre and Miquelon, Senegal including Ballay complete mint, Somalicoast/Djibouti from imperfs onwards from imperf onwards, Syria, interesting Arabian Governments/1921 T.E.O. and O.M.F o/ps as well as good range of Mersons high values, Tunisia, Umbangi, Upper Senegal and Niger ending with Upper Volta. We have not had time to examine this properly. This represents an excellent opportunity for a dealer or collector of this area, so much here to investigate, especially in the classics and the early 20th century. Please do not miss the opportunity to view this substantial collection, carefully, page for page. Also some stamps from othere countries.