Lot 1165

Sweden. Collection militärbrev. A large study collection nicely mounted on pages of the M8, M9, M10, M11 and M12 issues, consisting of both unused and used military letters, unused and used reply stamps on and off covers. A huge lot of varieties, shades and usages. Also notations on pages of "varieties" in the printing which is not always mentioned in Facit. We have seen about 51 M8s, 63 M9s, 105 M10s incl. double envelope and 71 M11As incl a PROOF and three inverted prints, double printing, wrongly folded envelopes. Also eight M11Bs, four M11Cs with at least one PROOF (cancel Fältpost 39 1964) and possibly an unused PROOF and five M12s. Something for the specialist but also for a collector wishing to study this issues. High catalogue value. Good quality! Please see scans on our website. (307).