Lot 1183

Sweden. Lot militärbrev. The Swedish Åland Detachement 1918. A small collection mounted on pages consisting of used military stationeries Mu1, Mu2, MbK2, unused coupon, postcard, large coloured map over Åland etc. E.g. Mu1 cancelled Stockholm 1 16.3.18 with red Å, MbK2 cancelled "STOCKHOLM 30" 24.4.18, Mu2 to Åland machine-cancelled "STOCKHOLM 1" 24.4.18, coupon (receipt for official stamps) 1918 with military unit cancel (Royal Göta Life Guards, 8th company) + unused "Kvitto å tjänstefrankotecken" without unit cancel and a postcard with picture of HMS Svensksund. Sweden sent military forces to the Åland Islands 1918 to protect the civilians from e.g. future terror by Russians, Red or White troops. Three items in this lot are shown in the Postryttaren 1994. A special printed issue of the Åland article in Postryttaren is enclosed. (9). Very good quality!