Lot 1195

Sweden. Collection militärbrev on leaves. Swedish Battalion in Saar 1934–35. Large collection of military envelopes M2, military postcards MbK2, reply stamp M2 on covers to Saar and several different franked mail between Saar and Sweden. Start with two huge (in size) locally printed announcements about "Volksabstimmung für das Saargebiet", military postcard MbK4 Saar cancel 27.12.34 (very early date), several registered letters from Saar, etc. Many different date in the Swedish Saar cancel on the items. Also is enclosed documentary and research of this area's philately especially a deep study of the Swedish Saar cancel. For the specialist but also a very good start for a specialized Swedish military Saar collection. High catalogue value. All philatelic items is presented at www.philea.se. Mostly fine quality. (36).