Lot 2410 V

ALL WORLD. ★/⊙. Many different colonies, and much British Commonwealth 'Q' to 'Z'. Well rounded collection of thousands of stamps mint and used, housed on a large stack of album leaves filled to the brim from an old time collection. Highlights include Queensland from Chalon heads, St Helena and KGV, centenary values and KGVI 10/- inc key value 3d blue MNH, St Kitts, St Lucia, St Vincent/BWI with a similar pattern, Samoa, Seychelles inc KGVI key value 1rp green, Somaliland Protectorate, Sierra Leone inc 5/- centenary 1933, South Australia, further British Africa inc Southern Nigeria and Rhodesia admiral heads onwards. Then South West Africa, many bilingual pairs inc airposts MNH, Malaya Straits Settlements through to KGVI again with plenty of high values KGV, better postage dues 1924/26 complete mint, 1936/38 used, strong Kelantan, through to the Tigers from 1900s onwards, also well represented Malayan States through Johore with seldom seen postage dues of 1938 complete MNH Kedah, Pahang, Perak, Selangor with page after page of good material, ending with Sungei Ujong inc postage dues complete mint 1937, further sections inc Sudan with 19th century pairs used telegraphs to 25pi, as well as good range of army service through Swaziland inc KGVI to 10/-, Trans-Jordan with some complicated Palestine o/ps 1920/25 and earlier o/ps on Saudi Arabia, well worth researching. Then follows Transvaal with EDVII to £1, good Trinidad with 1885/1906, as well as 1923/25 postage dues complete, South Africa inc KGV 1935 silver jubilees pairs MNH complete through to Victoria State to high values from imperf onwards, inc useful postage dues, through the Virgin Islands, Western Australia, Zanzibar and Zululand, all represented. Completely uncatalogued, a delightful collection to view with much more here than described.