Lot 2417

ALL WORLD. Cinderella. An extraordinary range of material, virtually all pictorials mint with occasional duplication up to 4-5 of each, virtually every color permutation imaginable. The 19th century is seldom seen and here we have the gold, silver, bronze, platinum, occasional bi-colour or even tri-colour and the spectrum. Material seen includes 1893 Rochefort sur Mer, exposition of 1897 Bruxelles, further Exposition of Italian origin, the Austro-Hungarian Exposition of 1896, similarly for Dresden, the 300th anniversary of van Dyck 1899, various allegories of the 1890s etc. Also some good turn of the century noticed, i.e. 4x exhibitions in Milan, Trieste, the double embossed Gand, as well as embossed 1906 Mercury from Munich, etc. Even some non-denominated locals as well which could be good, probably originating in central Europe for postal purposes. All in all, there are over 1000 examples here and because it is overwhelmingly 19th century would be very difficult to replace today. This is an excellent opportunity for those recognizing th scarcity of these beautiful 19th century printings.